About AGENT™

About AGENT™

Welcome to AGENT™ – Online Media for the ‘Change AGENT

AGENT™ is for Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, and Career Professionals who are driven by their passion. AGENT™ aims to deliver content in all areas of business and life, to inform, inspire and educate our readers.

AGENT™ supports our readers with thousands of hours of reporting and testing to help Entrepreneurs find the products & services they need in order to help them in their business life. You support us through our independently chosen links, which earn us a commission – please read our Affiliate Disclosure Statement here.

AGENT™ articles list best gear, gadgets, products and places to stay for Entrepreneurs who want to save the time and stress of figuring out what to buy and where to stay. Whatever you need we make shopping for it easy by telling you the best one to get. Our recommendations are made through vigorous reporting, interviewing, and testing by journalists, scientists, and researchers.We pride ourselves on following rigorous journalistic standards and ethics, and we maintain editorial independence from our business operations. Our recommendations are always made entirely by our editorial team without input from our revenue team, and our writers and editors are never made aware of any business relationships.

So you focus on only the best things?

We look for what we think is best for most people. We don’t look for the most feature-packed gadget, or the finest finishes in office / home goods. We pick the things that will fit best into the lives of Entrepreneurs who are searching for it—and that’s what takes work.

The choices we’ve made here with our team took weeks or months of research and years of experience with a wide variety of gear. In addition to our own expertise, we include interviews and data from the best editorial sources around. We extensively research customer reviews to find out what matters to our readers.

These are the same gadgets we’d recommend to our friends and family, and these are the same things we’d choose for ourselves.

Do your affiliate commissions make you biased?

Our writers and editors are never made aware of which companies may have established affiliate relationships with our business team prior to making their picks. If readers choose to buy the products we recommend as a result of our research, analysis, interviews, and testing, our work is often (but not always) supported through an affiliate commission when they make a purchase. If readers return their purchases because they’re dissatisfied or the recommendation is bad, we make nothing. There’s no incentive for us to pick inferior products or respond to pressure from manufacturers. We believe that’s a pretty fair system that keeps us committed to serving our readers first.

The most important thing to us is the trust we have from readers. If we were to recommend something because we are biased or lazy, readers like you wouldn’t support our work. Each guide plainly lays out all the evidence for why we made our picks so you can judge for yourself.

What if the thing I want isn’t on your site?

Email or tweet at us to let us know if you need help figuring out a particular buying problem. Our staff who are made of smart and curious people who love to investigate reader questions may be able to help.

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